Spazio di Casa Projects

Spazio di Casa Projects was created late 2016 for the sole purpose to provide hotels, offices, villas and other larger projects with quality products at a very competitive price. We now have opened a showroom in Santo Domingo so our customers can see with their own eyes and interact with all the products we can offer, ranging from kitchens all the way to the drains for the bathrooms. For more than 30 years, it has been Spazio di Casa’s goal to provide our customers with the highest level of service and products. And now we want to offer these qualities to larger projects with high quantity orders.

Kitchens: Cesar

For over forty years, enthusiasm, dedication and determination have been the driving forces behind Cesar’s business activity. The company was founded in 1969 in Pramaggiore, near Venice, and has gradually grown and evolved into the current, internationally-renowned concern. The secret behind this success is Cesar’s passion for quality, design and research. In other words, for customer satisfaction.


Closets: San Giacomo

Sangiacomo is a company that produces programs of modular furniture with a modern design for day and night. It identifies by coherence, formal result of careful research and functional aesthetics combined with a research in the materials and used in their work in order to get the best possible quality/price ration.


Doors: Lualdi

Lualdi is a legendary name in the history of Italian design for interior doors, custom-made furniture and mill work, both residential and contract, and is currently managed by the fourth generation of the family. Our industrial breakthrough began in the sixties through the close collaboration established with the architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni.


Bathrooms: Artesi

Was born in 1990 in Sacile (PN), an area plenty of tradition in the furniture field, with the mission to produce and sell furniture 100% made in Italy. A company able to marry tradition and experience together, paying attention to new trends; it distinguishes itself for the quality of the materials and for the control on manufacturing processes, which are certified and comply with precise norms for the conservation of the environment and energy saving. Ergonomics and design have inspired the bathroom concept that Artesi proposes both to Italian and foreign markets, thanks to its technical know-how and to the constant search for new shapes and trends.


Exterior Furniture: Varaschin, Unopui, Paola Lenti, Roberti Rattan


Varaschin products are unique and give style and originality to everyday spaces. The synergetic use of natural materials like wood and stone in conjunction with synthetic fibers and metals creates products with strong personality and excellent quality, made to last over time.


Unopiù was founded in 1978 in Soriano nel Cimino in the heart of the Tuscia countryside, fifteen kilometers from Viterbo, in an area which for centuries has been dedicated to the cure and culture of gardens. In little more than thirty years this small handcrafted reality has been transformed into the European leader of outdoor furnishings.

Paola Lenti:

Since 1994 Paola Lenti has followed a coherent and dynamic entrepreneurial strategy based on research and experimentation which has led the Company to establish itself as an international reference in the world of design.

Roberti Rattan:

Roberti celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2014. More than fifty years have been committed to the task, studying, testing and developing new collections different each other, but all joined together by the same creativity. The key to success is simple and complex at the same time: tradition memories and an expert knowledge of materials and production process, a great enthusiasm and curiosity for new concepts, a deep passion for design and elegance and finally a strong determination to give concrete form to all this in very nice outdoor furniture collections.


Office Furniture: Sokoa, JMS, Fantoni


Specialized in office and contract seating, SOKOA has a designer and an onsite design office responsible for designing and developing its products. This team works closely with sales and marketing department to adopt market trends in office furniture and to over innovative and earth-friendly products tailored to the tastes and demand of our customers. The design office is also responsible for carrying out inspections and tests in order to ensure compliance with products standards.


As a market leader in Portugal for the manufacturing of chairs and tables, JMS has secured a prominent position, with an increasing dominance in international markets, being associated with numerous major projects through our renowned worldwide supply partners.


Fantoni is located in Osoppo in the province of Udine. Fantoni is a successful industrial entity on the international market of in the production of office furniture, chipboard and MDF panels. From the self-production of energy to the development of new materials, from the ergonomic research to sustainable design, from the production of glues and resins to cultural promotion the circuit is constantly renewed as we keep our eye on an unchanging goal: people and their health and comfort.


Lighting: Artemide

Artemide, one of the global leaders of the residential and office illumination sector, is always synonym with design, innovation and made in Italy.


Door Handles: M&T

M&T has its own distinctive approach with benefits that characterize the brand: the production design handles lines made of massive brass, high-tech facilities but also with a large part of handwork with continuous innovation and precise solution of all product details. It is based on the traditional Czech production that allows us to professionally develop new construction solution to innovate new manufacturing and technological processes, to design innovative designs all with the brand M&T.


Drains: Quality Metal

Quality Metal is a company that started out in Venezuela and grew to an international industry in a matter of short years. They provide accessories such as shower drains in the highest quality available with superior design.